Alastin specifically designed for procedure care to enhance the results and reduce the after-effects of procedures.

alastin skin rejuvenating complex

The unique TriHex peptide actually penetrates the skin and makes biological changes in what’s called the extracellular matrix—the space in between the cells—and that’s why Alastin is different. (A peptide is a short-chain of amino acids.) Most skincare is primarily topical and does not actually penetrate the skin. Over time our skin sags because the collagen and elastin deteriorate—think of it like an old rubber band that no longer has the same recoil properties as it did when it was new. I’ve done numerous scientific studies on the Alastin products, and I was immediately struck by the change in the extracellular matrix. It’s biologically active. It’s what makes skin thick and pump and healthy. No other line has the same ability to penetrate the extracellular matrix. It’s revolutionary.


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     by Ann Mary on Advanced Skin Care
    BBL laser

    I went to see Nina to remove the years of sun damage on my face. I had 2 IPL treatments with great results. All my spots are gone and I love love my skin!

     by Alicia on Advanced Skin Care

    Nina is amazing at what she does ... definitely makes you feel and look your best!! Hands down best Esthetician in Charlotte!!

     by Courtney Hughes on Advanced Skin Care
    Best Aesthetician in Charlotte!

    I have to tell the world how amazing Nina is! She is the best aesthetician in Charlotte. I left there today after my facial, literally floating! My skin looks and feels amazing. She has changed my skin! She gives honest advice and cares about your skin, not your money. She is worth every penny. Love her!

     by Julia L on Advanced Skin Care
    Laser Hair Removal

    Best beauty decision I ever made. Hair be gone! Loved my results.

     by Julia on Advanced Skin Care
    Excellent results

    Office is very nice with professional and friendly staff. I am a client of Nina Crytser And she is a magician when it comes to help you to get rid off unwanted hair)) It has been 2 years for me since she performed laser hair removal and it never came back! Very happy with results.

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