Sabnovii Plasma Pen Skin Tightening

Subnovii Advanced Plasma Technology

Subnovii is the most advanced plasma technology available today.  FDA cleared, Subnovii is the first plasma device with LF+ technology – low frequency plus a patented wavelength and power combination – for more precise applications and reduced healing time. Subnovii’s best-in-class technology is the result of over 6 years of development and testing by industry leading third-parties.  Not all plasma is the same. Subnovii’s highly controlled, low frequency emission means treatments are more precise and predictable and healing time is reduced for the patient. This is important for the tough to treat areas around the mouth and eyes.

The fibroblast stimulating treatment causes a ‘micro trauma’ to the surface skin tissue to immediately contract and tighten, this creates an instant lift and dramatic skin tightening. As a result, the epidermis is rejuvenated as old cells are caused to shed and they are replaced by fresh new cells. Fibroblasts in the dermis are also targeted by thermal disruption and as a result collagen and elastin production, alignment and cross linking is stimulated. This strengthens, plumps, inflates and lifts the structure of the skin over a sustained period of time. In addition, Plasma Pen helps to re-shape, re-build and strengthen the scaffolding within the dermis to give it renewed elasticity and flexibility.

Sabnovii Plasma Pen is non-invasive, skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation device used to treat wrinkles, and sagging, dull skin.


As the gas enters the device through this cord it flows across a special combination of electrodes within the nozzle, which are fed by a high voltage power supply. The voltage between the electrodes ionises the gas, creating a plasma. The skin tissue to contract virtually immediately by thermally disrupting the skin as well as fibroblasts. This micro-trauma stimulates new collagen (neocollagenesis) and helps release and activate essential proteins and growth factors like cytokines and fibroblasts, which makes more collagen than before it was disrupted. Eventually, excess skin dries off to form tiny crusts that fall off like dandruff in just a few days. New collagen is formed over a period of up to 6 months as a result of the plasma pen treatment.


At Modern Skin Clinic in Charlotte NC, we mainly use this Plasma Pen Fibroblast treatment to remedy skin blemishes in several areas and for treating a variety of conditions as stipulated below;

  • Skin tightening of saggy eyelids in the upper and lower section.
  • Treating skin lesions such as skin tags, moles, skin tags, warts, papilloma & xanthelasma, fibromas, seborrhoea, and keratosis.
  • Wrinkles on the face such as crows, frown lines, necklines and smoker’s lines.
  • Scarring including stretch marks, acne scars, and post-surgical scars.
  • Uneven skin pigmentation, age spots on the face or hands, sun spots, chloasma, freckles, and melasma.

The results of the Plasma pen treatment are permanent and may be visible for years. But the aging process is continuous and therefore the skin ages every day after the procedure and this cannot be stopped. The results of this method are permanent, but when we talk about mimic facial lines these may re-appear  because muscles are stronger than the skin.

How Does the Subnovii Plasma Pen Work?

The heat from the plasma energy creates a matrix of tiny, sealed micro-injuries that look like small, dark dots. This triggers a wound-healing response, causing the fibroblasts in your skin to produce additional collagen, resulting in tighter, firmer, younger-looking skin.

What Does the Subnovii Plasma Pen Treat?

The Subnovii Plasma Pen is ideal for treating signs of aging related to collagen loss, especially in small areas that are difficult to treat effectively with microneedling. Common treatment areas include:

  • Around the eyes (crow’s feet, droopy upper eyelids, wrinkled lower eyelids)
  • Around the mouth (smoker’s lines, marionette lines)
  • Neck lines


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    I have to tell the world how amazing Nina is! She is the best aesthetician in Charlotte. I left there today after my facial, literally floating! My skin looks and feels amazing. She has changed my skin! She gives honest advice and cares about your skin, not your money. She is worth every penny. Love her!

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    Best beauty decision I ever made. Hair be gone! Loved my results.

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    Office is very nice with professional and friendly staff. I am a client of Nina Crytser And she is a magician when it comes to help you to get rid off unwanted hair)) It has been 2 years for me since she performed laser hair removal and it never came back! Very happy with results.

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