Cyspera/ cysteamine cream is generally very safe with very low risk of side effects. Rarely, mild skin irritation (e.g.redness and dryness)may occur. For the first few days, you may experience a warm sensation and mild redness on immediate application of Cyspera/ cysteamine cream to the skin and this is normal. This sensation is temporary and will disappear within 30 minutes of application of Cyspera/ Cysteamine cream.

After 6 weeks of application of cysteamine, the risk of skin irritation reduces considerably, and higher exposure times are usually well tolerated (although it is not necessary to increase the exposure time). There is no limit for the long-term use of cysteamine.

How does Cyspera/ Cysteamine melasma cream work?

This cream inhibits the activity of the enzymes tyrosinase and peroxidase. These two enzymes are involved in the key steps of melanin or pigmentation formation. When combined with treatments like Pico laser, Q-switched laser, 1550 Erbium laser, 1927 Thulium laser and chemical peels; the pigmentation lightening results are accelerated. The cream complements in-clinic treatments and allows for daily use while treatments are often done every 2 weeks or every quarter.

Cyspera is also suitable for intensive and maintenance in the long term and does not have the side effects of other melasma/pigmentation lightening treatments like hydroquinone.

What are the benefits of Cyspera/ Cysteamine melasma cream?

Cysteamine is one of the strongest antioxidants naturally present in the human body and breast milk and it reduces melanin pigmentation in the skin. With Cyspera/ cysteamine melasma cream, there is significant lightening of pigmentation– be it melama, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or freckles.

How soon can i see results of Cyspera/ cysteamine pigmentation cream

Initial results can be seen 6 weeks of daily use of Cyspera/ cysteamine pigmentation cream for 15 minutes to the areas of hyperpigmentation. At 12 weeks, there is significant correction of pigmentation with 77% reduction in pigmentation. 90% of users reported moderate to significant improvement in their pigmentation.

How do I use Cyspera/ Cysteamine cream?

Intensive phase: Once per day for 16 weeks

Maintenance phase: Twice-weekly, once per day

  • Apply Cyspera/ cysteamine cream on a rested skin. Do not wash the skin before application. If necessary to wash, wait for one hour before application.
  • Apply a thin layer on the skin (a warming sensation or mild tingling may occur and last up to 30 minutes). Leave on for 15 minutes.
  • Wash off -Remove by washing the area with a gentle face cleanser. Gently pat your face dry.
  • Moisturise the area. Maintain skin hydration during the day.

How can I minimise the side effects or skin irritation with Cyspera/ Cysteamine cream?

Undesirable effects happen when:

  • The face is washed just before the application (minimum 1h interval to be respected)
  • Long exposure times
  • Concomitant use with other topical products

Therefore, limit the application of Cyspera/ cysteamine cream to 15 minutes of application to the skin and 1 hour interval between washing and application of Cyspera/ cysteamine cream.


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